EpiViral Final Conference – the last one

Unfortunately, this project is coming to an end.

To wrap up the work developed over the last three years, we organized our final conference on RNA biology in host-pathogen interactions.

The EpiViral conference was held in Porto, Portugal, from June 4th to 7th, 2024. During this event, speakers and attendees explored the contributions from the RNA biology field to the understanding of pathogen-host cell interactions. It provided a unique environment for fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and discussing innovative ideas related to novel druggable targets.

We want to congratulate the winners of the best poster/flash talk/oral presentations, and which were sponsored by the RNA Society:
– Best Poster Presentation: Jorn Stok
– Best Flash Talk Presentation: Lea Gaucherand
– Best Oral Presentation: Edith Janssens

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