European Researcher’s Night 2022September, 2022

EpiViral team members participated in the European Researcher’s Night 2022. Different activities were organized to engage with the public.

Café de Ciência – Comunidades Saudáveis with Daniela Ribeiro Fábrica da Ciência VivaJune, 2022

The EpiViral project coordinator Daniela Ribeiro was an invited speaker at (Coffee with Science – Healthy Communities) to talk about “Viruses: Dangerous rivals or Powerful Allies?” organized by the Fábrica Centro de Ciência Viva in Aveiro.

Manuel Santos’s Interview – Roche    June 30, 2021

The EpiViral team member Manuel Santos was Roche’s Special Guest in June! In this interview, he discussed the importance of genomic sequencing for the fight against Covid-19 and for the future of medicine.

The full interview is available here:

“90 segundos de Ciência”    May 25, 2021

Daniela Ribeiro participated in the Portuguese program: “90 Segundos de Ciência”.
In 90 seconds, she presented her work on the interplay between viruses and their hosts’ cells and the development of antiviral therapies.
Listen here:

Encontro com o Cientista (Meet the scientist) – Fábrica da Ciência Viva    May 21, 2021

Viruses and their interaction with the host cells were the subjects of Daniela Ribeiro’s talk in “Encontro com o Cientista”, promoted by Fábrica da Ciência Viva – Aveiro. During this activity, elementary school students were able to ask questions and learn more about the importance of scientific research to tackle infectious diseases.

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